CEIT Initiatives

Initiatives represent focus areas with 2-3 year horizons that will be revisited periodically to ensure alignment of CEIT activities with the broader goals and initiatives of The University of Queensland (UQ). They are largely guided by the UQ 2008-2010 Teaching and Learning Enhancement Plan:

  • Bridging Research and Learning – introducing students to the excitement and tools used in research enriches the disciplines in which the students study.  Narrowing the gap between the research practice and student learning makes research relevant to disciplinary study. Giving students the opportunity of experience research  makes the process and activity of the research enterprise something students engage in and in which the public is invited to observe and participate.
  • Rich Media for Learning – developing and adopting ‘transmedia’ tools to integrate multiple modalities in the pursuit of research and creative expression, transforming traditional narrative tools for communicating the work of research to a broader community through digital narratives, virtual environments, other forms of new media
  • Active Learning – learners create their own understanding of the disciplines they study. Technologies integrated into inquiry-based curricula provide the tools for building both individual and collective knowledge.
  • Affordances of Collaboration – developing tools, spaces and processes to better enable staff and students to collaborate. Predisposing collaboration, creativity and insight by carefully constructing the environment, for both place-based (physically co-resident) and virtual spaces,  independent of geographical location.

About longpd

I'm a senior scholar at Georgetown University, in CNDLS, a technologist and lapsed evolutionary biologist with an incandescent passion for new modes of seeing and learning.
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