Blogging – “I doesn’t matter if anyone reads it… it’s the humility that comes from writing it”

The point of blogging is the act itself. The quote in the title is from Seth Godin who along with Tom Peters spoke about blogging last year, captured on YouTube (see below). In that interview, Mr. Peters said blogging was the best thing that he has done in the last 15 years. This was reposted by Mitch Joel again in 2010 in his blog Six Pixels of Separation.

I’ve followed several people who have encouraged me to blog, and I’ve got a couple different blog sites that I initiated thinking this would let me segregate different themes of work, personal observations, and future musings. But the discipline required is significant. I have been sadly less active in the blogsphere than I’d like to be. When I wrote a magazine column a few years ago, I enjoyed the process very much. The pressure of the monthly deadline was at times challenging but always exhilarating. And, it forced me to write in succinct and, I hope, intelligible prose.

Yet, I’ve not carried that discipline forward. I hope to follow the examples of my more blog literate colleagues and set a better example in the future. I’ve asked my students to blog this term and if nothing else I’ll need to at least be part of the process.

The interview with Seth Grodin and Tom Peters from YouTube is presented here.

About longpd

I'm a senior scholar at Georgetown University, in CNDLS, a technologist and lapsed evolutionary biologist with an incandescent passion for new modes of seeing and learning.
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