BLC10 Keynote – Wesch on Vimeo

We need more than information literacy

I just watched the video below from Mike Wesch and it’s just humbling. No it’s not just how much more skilled a cultural anthropologist is with the technology that I teach and work with daily. And no it’s not that in course of the video I found 3 or 4 references I should have been more engaged with than I was.  It’s how important the message is that he’s presenting and demonstrating his daily pursuit of it which we all should be embracing in ours.

Time to take a short break, do some meta-reflection, combine that with some much needed skills upgrading, and return to the fray to nudge the rock uphill a little further from the Antipodes.  Our work is cut out for us, but it’s work so well worth doing.

— pdl —

About longpd

I'm a senior scholar at Georgetown University, in CNDLS, a technologist and lapsed evolutionary biologist with an incandescent passion for new modes of seeing and learning.
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