AI applied to VA de-identified healthcare records

Yesterday, Nov. 29th, Flow Health announced a five-year

human artificial intelligence informs healthcare

AI used to find complex patterns in medical symptoms and treatment outcomes photo credit: Flickr – A Health Blog,, CC: BY SA

partnership with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to build a medical “knowledge graph” using AI to inform medical decision-making and train AI to personalize care plans.

This is a big data project that will examine the millions of VA records and look for associations between presenting symptoms and interventions with respect the outcomes that followed.

One has to be extremely careful here because it is simply looking a correlations. Causality is another thing all together. But it might reveal patterns that were just too indistinct without the ‘magnification’ of big data analytics to surface relationships. Follow up studies will be required to establish whether these patterns are meaningful. Still, it’s an area of promise that is possible with todays computational environment.

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I'm a senior scholar at Georgetown University, in CNDLS, a technologist and lapsed evolutionary biologist with an incandescent passion for new modes of seeing and learning.
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