Phil is the Chief Innovation Officer and Associate Vice Provost For Learning Sciences in at the The University of Texas at Austin, USA, working in Project 2021.  P2021 is about

1. Providing scalable online learning to residential and external learners using a variety of mechanisms including synchronous webcasting & UTx, the local implementation of edX;

2. Systematically identifying what works in technology enabled learning through research & assessment that collects & analyzes data on student performance & learning.

3. Supporting faculty seeking to explore innovative pedagogical practices and departments pursuing degree modernization.

Phil is also the VP of the Society of Learning Analytics & Knowledge (SoLAR); has expertise in the digital enhancement of physical learning spaces, & is involved in many national and international organizations seeking to improve student learning.

Lately he has been looking at distributed transparent ledgers to record competencies and evidence of learning for rich credentialing.

He is also a Foundation Honorary Professor at the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

He is a lapsed biologist now learning scientist focused on emerging technologies, the cognitive interactions with them, & the spaces, physical and virtual wherein they occur.



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